trading without emotions 🖖

SPY — 76.77 RSI

QQQ — 78.57 RSI

DIA — 71.14 RSI

IWN — 71.94 RSI

VIX — TSI crossover about to happen, MACD already crossed over

VXN — TSI and MACD crossed over

GLD — big spike on Friday

TLT — also spiking high on Friday

Chances are if you’re already into crypto you’ve said (or heard someone say),

“Damn I wish I got into crypto earlier!”

Well, if you don’t want to be saying the same thing about NFTs in the coming years, read on…

Your Billionaire. Your Story.

Bitcoin Billionaires is a collection of 13,337 unique pixel art NFTs priced at 0.09 ETH each. Your NFT is a membership to the “Billionaires,” an elite community with games, rewards, and other benefits.


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