Last Week’s Pick *UPDATE*

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE)

Last week’s Pick of the Week was WWE

  • PRICE: $49.96
  • 1st TAR: $58.25
  • S/L: $48.00

With the price breaking out of the box, I moved my S/L to break even after the close on Tuesday (chart above).

New resistance is just under $55 (around $54.75). If the price can break through that it has a small gap to fill and should be set to make even more upward movement.

Price found support today bouncing off the 5 EMA (chart below). Indicators are still looking good for the upward trend, despite today’s dip. Look at the dip as a good opportunity to add to the position.

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Relevant News

Are Robust Financials Driving The Recent Rally In World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc.’s (NYSE:WWE) Stock?

  • The Return on Equity (ROE) for World Wrestling Entertainment is 34% (for every $1 in equity, the company earned $0.34 in profit)
  • World Wrestling Entertainment is reinvesting it’s profits efficiently, with a payout ratio of 49%, retaining 51% of its income.
  • The company’s future payout ratio is expected to drop to 24% in the next three years, but its ROE is not expected to change much.




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