MUST WATCH: The China Hustle

A lesson on why to be careful buying Chinese stocks

The China Hustle is 2017 documentary that reveals systematic and formulaic decades-long securities fraud by Chinese companies listed on the US stock market after the financial crisis of 2007–2008.

It seems that more and more I’m seeing people post about Chinese stocks, whether its EV, or crypto related, etc... so I think it’s important for people to be very cautious when considering these positions. Especially those who are getting their stock tips on Twitter and Reddit where bots can fabricate buzz and get a stock trending. You’re probably a little less at risk if you’re swing trading these positions but for those investing, you should definitely be careful and do your DD on each company.

I definitely recommend adding The China Hustle to your queue, not only will it be informative and entertaining, but it may also save you money down the road.

The China Hustle is currently (as of 4/7/2021) streaming on Hulu or you can watch it for free (with a library card) on Hoopla or Kanopy.

UPDATE 4/16/2021

Here’s a perfect, recent example of why DD is very important!

New Jersey high school wrestling coach is CEO of $10oM firm that own one deli


trading without emotions 🖖

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trading without emotions 🖖

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