My Current Trading Strategy

9 min readSep 11, 2022

How I find and choose my Swing Trade picks 📈🔍

I have had a great deal of success with my swing trades lately and, given that we’re in a bear market, this is quite wonderful. But I chalk it up more to my increase in patience and improved control over my emotions more than an advancement of skills. In fact, most everything in this post is something I’ve already written about before so it’s not the method that has changed, but rather the man.

Since that is the improvement that has led to higher success rate, let’s have a little brush up on the basics shall we?

NOTE: If this is your first time aboard the S.S. Enterprise, please START HERE! If you don’t, some of the terms and ideas behind this trading strategy might be a bit confusing.

Trading like Spock

The core principle of my strategy is what gives this blog its very namesake:

Trade without emotions.

Gut feelings, hunches, FOMO, envy… these have no place in trading. These are emotions and when you trade emotionally you make clouded decisions and more often then not those decisions are poor at best. (I call this, trading like Kirk).

“They said it was up only!!!” 🤬

Trading is about practicality and logic. You set up a system of rules/conditions and follow them to the letter. When a trade presents itself, you won’t need to rely on hunches or feelings but knowledge and data. For like Spock and the Vulcans, traders too have no need for emotions.


Another virtue is patience. As the saying goes:


trading without emotions 🖖