6 min readJun 1

Beaten down stocks to watch 👀

The Market has been quite a rollercoaster lately… err more like a giant drop tower ride. There are a lot of factors at play, post-pandemic market correction, ever impending recession, inflation, and the debit ceiling bill (which the House just passed a few minutes ago). But one factor some companies are dealing with is their LGBTQ+ marketing campaigns blowing up in their faces.

In this post we’ll look at a few companies who are losing billions (yes with a B) over these ads and why they’re worth keeping an eye on despite all of this. Let’s get into it…


The biggest loser so far is a clearly Bud Light. After gifting a special can of Bud Light featuring trans TikToker Dylan Mulvaney. Now to be clear, Bud was not releasing special cans for customers only this one can as a gift to Dylan, but regardless, Bud Light’s loyal customers were not having any of it and a massive boycott against the brand began and even Kid Rock blasted back with outrage:

The stock plummeted and bars began cancelling their orders as patrons simply weren’t ordering it anymore. You can hear more about the story in this WSJ episode:

Bud Light is desperately trying to win people back, even offering their product FOR FREE via a $15 rebate:


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