Book Recommendation: The Money Flow Trading System

5 min readApr 2, 2021


The basis for my trading system

By now you should’ve finished reading (or listening to) my previous book recommendation, “Trading for A Living” to get your mindset right. Now that you’ve got a good headspace for responsible trading, you’ll want to dig into a book that teaches you how to trade. The one I learned from is written by the Godfather himself, Gerald Peters, and is called “The Money Flow Trading System.”

Gerald Peters aka @fullauto11

I first stumbled on GP’ Instagram because of his posts on home renovation and real estate investing. Then I started taking note of his swing trading material and was hooked! The Money Flow (or TMF as I’ll sometimes refer to it in posts) is pretty much exactly how I trade — tho I like to add in the TMO indicator as well. His eBook is a must-read! Now I have to preface this by saying he is not a writer (and he’ll be the first to admit it). The book has a bunch of typos and grammatical errors but the information in it is sound. It also is presented in a way that can seem confusing at first, showing you charts and diving right in which can be disorienting to a newbie (tho this has gotten a little better in the newer edition of the book). It’s for this reason that I started doing my posts. I am a writer by trade and wanted to lay out the trading system in a way that is easy to digest and entertaining to read.

“The Money Flow Trading System” is definitely a book you’ll want to read more than once. I go back and re-read it whenever I want to re-center myself with the trading system. Now the type of chart analysis TMF uses is not unique by any means. GP constantly reminds his followers that these are little bits and pieces taken from other books he’s read and he often cites the original sources and recommends reading their books as well.


There are two ways to get GP’s eBook, “The Money Flow Trading System”

1st Edition available on Amazon

If you have doubts about buying the book, I’ll paraphrase what GP tells people that do the same in his comments; Think of it as tuition or the cost of doing business. You don’t hear a carpenter complaining that he has to buy a hammer to go to work. The book will pay for itself after your first successful trade using the knowledge it has taught you.

GP also has two FREE eBooks available called “You Don’t Have To Die Broke” and “The Science of Getting Rich” which are also good reads for getting your finances in order before you begin trading.

On top of compiling these eBooks, GP does a live stream he dubs his Sunday Service on his Instagram and YouTube channel every Sunday at 9am CST where he teaches The Money Flow and checks in on the state of the Market. I love his hard ass, rough around the edges style. He curses and yells at followers participating in his live chat, often telling people to “throw away his book and buy it again” when they ask questions that prove they haven’t actually read his book yet. His videos will have you cracking up and learning valuable investing and trading info.

He also posts videos on building wealth and investing strategies as well.

Social Media & Other Links

You can follow GP online at:

@fullauto 11 on Instagram

Gerald Peters YouTube Channel

The Peters Report

And be sure to check out his newsletter, “The Peters Report” which he updates frequently with new trade tips and shows all of his entries and exits.

30 Day Swing Trading Bootcamp

GP’s course in learning The Money Flow

TMF Discord & Text Message Groups

He also has a paid Discord and a Text Message group you can join. And I know you’re thinking, “Wait, I thought you said to NEVER pay for that bullshit??” I did, and you shouldn’t, but this one isn’t bullshit. Hell, he rejects a lot of people trying to pay him to join it because he can tell they haven’t mastered TMF yet. It’s a solid community and he only wants people who know what they’re doing to be a part of it. So after you read his book and have been trading for a while, then you can apply to join (membership info is listed in the Peters Report).

I think he’s also on TikTok and Clubhouse as @fullauto11 but I don’t mess with that shit. I’m not even on Instagram anymore and only post to Twitter for Spock Tradez. I ditched social media a while back and it feels AMAZING!
(I still love my Reddit tho, but that’s more of a community than social media)

I should probably also note that GP isn’t paying me or anything for all this glorious praise and free marketing. I just want to help you all out and I think his book is the best place to start.

Trade long and prosper!