Trading with A.I. 🤖

9 min readJun 18

How I use ChatGPT to increase my gains

It seems that everywhere you turn these days someone is talking about how Artificial Intelligence will be the end of _[insert job field here]_, even the stock market.

Now in theory, A.I. making perfect stock trades could potentially crumble the entire stocks market. The system breaks down if everyone is only making gains.

Conversely, there’s the other scenario where we tell the A.I. to make as much money in the stock market as possible and it determines, “if I tank Company X and short their stock I’ll make more money than trying to pick a winning stock that’s on the rise” or other similar nefarious workarounds. Next thing we know SkyNet is sentient, has taken control of the world, and what’s left of the human race is relying on Eddie Furlong to save us.

*Let’s ignore the fact that what everyone is calling A.I. is actually just deep learning and take a look at how we can use it to help with our trades.

Between March 6 and April 28, an experiment conducted by financial comparison site, in which a ChatGPT powered dummy portfolio of 38 stocks gained 4.9% while 10 leading investment funds clocked an average loss of 0.8% and the S&P 500 gained 3%. Read more about that experiment below:


The most popular A.I. chatbot right now is ChatGPT. It’s browser based and completely free (although there is a paid version called ChatGPT Plus for $20/mo). Be aware that it is currently ONLY browser based and that all the apps in the app stores are just knock off trying to use similar names and logos but are not made by OpenAI.


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