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3 min readMar 10, 2021
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These are the settings I use when looking at charts on Stockcharts. I’ll dive into how I use them in a later post, but for now I just want to give you a look under the hood to see what’s what. I’ve broken them down to the main ones that I really use and the optional ones that are just for added confirmation but aren’t my main focus. It’s probably easier to start with the Simple Version, I even find myself going back to the basics more and more because it’s cleaner.

*NOTE: I also use another indicator on Think or Swim, the TMO, that isn’t available on Stockcharts, but I’ve made a whole separate post about that HERE.

Chart Attributes

  • Period: Daily — Each bar is one day worth of price movement, notch on the left is opening price, notch on the right is the current/closing price depending if its during market hours or after close
  • Time Frame: 6 Months — Gives a wide view of recent price movement
  • Type: Elder Impulse System — Colored Bars to show current price trend: Green is Uptrend, Red is Downtrend, Blue is transitional/neutral


  • Simple Moving Average 20 – Average Price Over the Past 20 Trading Days, GREEN
  • Exp. Moving Average 5 – Average Price Over the Past 5 Trading Days with more weight given to recent days, RED
  • Simple Moving Average 200 – Average Price Over the Past 200 Trading Days, GOLD


  • Exp. Moving Average 10 — Average Price Over the Past 10 Trading Days with more weight given to recent days, BLUE
  • Simple Moving Average 50 – Average Price Over the Past 50 Trading Days, DASHED, BROWN


  • Relative Strength Index (RSI): Shows if stock is Overbought(> 70)
    or Oversold (< 30) *positioned ABOVE the chart*
  • MACD: histogram bars and signal lines that show the momentum of the trend


  • True Strength Index (TSI): signal lines used to determine trend direction
  • ADX Line (w/ +DI and -DI): ADX shows strength of the trend, +DI and -DI show the direction of the trend
  • Slow Stochastics: momentum indicator that compares closing price to average price over a given period of time
  • Average True Range (ATR): Shows the average price movement within the given trading period shown

In addition to these, I also pop over to Think or Swim to check the TMO, which you can read about and download HERE.


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