Experimenting with Monetization

2 min readMay 19, 2021

Where dem dollas at 💸💸💸

Before you all freak out, just do what Frankie says and RELAX! Trust me, I got you. Work has been picking up and it’s gonna get crazy as the summer rolls around. I love doing these posts but they’re definitely time consuming, so to motivate myself to continue to do them while working, I’ve decided to try out Medium’s monetization system. I’m still trying to figure it out, but it looks promising.

My typical Sunday Picks posts will remain as-is, so there’s no change there. Like I’ve said before, I want to make all this info as free as possible.

But my longer lesson posts are very time consuming and “time is money” so I will be putting those behind a paywall — the details of how that all works I’m still figuring out.

But fear not my loyal Stock Market Trekkers! !

Medium’s monetization system allows me to keep offering my posts to my OG followers — aka all of y’all!

This will be in the form a Friend link which I’ll be sharing on my Twitter every time I post a new article — the same way I have always been!

So be sure to follow @SpockTradez on Twitter to continue to get all the longer posts for FREE!


I’ll be figuring all of this out over the next week or so at which point I assume you’ll begin to see some changes on your end. But like I said, fear not, because it really shouldn’t change much, just follow my Twitter page for the free links. Thanks for understanding :)

Trade long and prosper!