Two-Minute Crypto Trading School 📈📉

3 min readMar 14, 2024

Here’s how I would apply my chart reading/trading style to crypto in the simplest of ways: TRADING THE CROSSOVERS.

All I would do is BUY when the Red Line (5 EMA) crosses above the Green Line (20 SMA) and SELL when the Red Line goes below the Green Line.

You can tell if a cross-over is coming based on how close together or far apart the two lines are: the closer they are the more like a cross-over is coming and the farther apart, the less likely. This gives you time to prepare to buy or sell depending which line is on top.

Just look at this current one minute chart for BTC and do the math if you followed this simple crossover strategy:

One Minute Chart for BTC

Here’s the link to the Real-Time chart:

This works on whatever time-frame you’re trading too. Here’s a one hour chart for comparison:

One Hour Chart for BTC

This would work for any coin. Here’s the one minute chart for Ethereum:

One Minute Chart for ETH

Here’s the link to the Real-Time chart:

So, there ya go. Simply using these two indicators is how I would trade crypto whether it’s a big boy like BTC or a meme coin like PEPE.

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Trade long and prosper!


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